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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Devin 1 & 2 - The Beach

Devin 1 & 2
Your Destination - Your Dream

Part # 2
The Beach

     Today we explore part 2 of our review of Devin 1 & 2 (yes the sims that make up Devin are that big that it is split up into a 3 part series!).  Today I put on a bikini and hauled my big budda belly out into the sun light for a little exploration of this sand covered area.  As I now have grown to expect after seeing the first sim (please see previous post of Jungle Sim area of Devin), this beach area did not disappoint.

 Me and the Budda belly (8 months)
The beach area offers a lot of different objects with pose options, a beautiful view of the water and mountains and the windlight set by the owners is absolutely perfect for taking pictures.

Its a perfect little place to sit and reflect, take pictures, or with the many couple animations and dances, to enjoy time with your partner or friends.  Just keep in mind that the sim, dispite some of the adult animations available, is rated Moderate.  So keep yourself clothed and fairly PG.

    The only thing that could make this sim any better would be me having the ability to actually see my toes in the sand again.  I'll have to make sure to revisit a month from now when I can.  Definate 5 out of 5

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