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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Welcome to Hogwarts


So today, while looking at Facebook, I saw that my beautiful little girl had favored a Sim called Hogwarts.  Well given the name and who it was coming from I had to go explore.  The sims description informed me that this wasn't just a photographic sim but also a shopping experience (Lord help us we all know how that usually ends for me and my bank account !)

The sim is ome to a few Mesh creators that produce original clothing for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, Kemono, Solarian, as well as accessories, buildings and more.  The area around these shopping centers as been turned into a visual experience for shoppers, and those just looking to visit, to explore.

Taking a picture before my adventure begins

Now as to be expected from a Hogwarts Sim of any kind, the place is magical.  The foliage used to decorate the place is stunning and rich in color and texture, leaving you almost able to feel the leaves and smell the flowers.  The whole sim is done in rich, warm colors that instantly makes you feel relaxed.

Standing in the beautiful archway

The Sim doesn't offer a lot of poses besides benches here and there, so definitely bring your poses with you in order to capture your pictures.  The windlight setting isn't great either so make sure to play with those as well, but the foliage gives beautiful shadow, along with the lanterns set up sporadically along the paths and beside benches.
Sitting by the water

The sim offers a few building, a lovely witches hut that is decorated to perfection, and ready for all your pictures. 

One of the paths on the sim leads to a lovely open area by the water, a stunning view over the side of the walk way and trees below.  For a reason I can't quiet understand though this area was decorated with cartoonish elephants.  Not just one cute one like some little kid left it behind but 6, scattered around a small area.  It was oddly out of place and had nothing to do with the shopping experience, landscape or Hogwarts.
UMMMMMM, its not pink and dancing so I know i'm not drunk!!!!

Landing point and shopping area

Little bit of magic

Overall I give the sim a 4 out of 5, be sure to visit ready to snap some pictures and with an inventory full of poses. Also keep in mind that the sim will be having a hunt beginning in April for you to get some free goodies.

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