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Friday, 17 March 2017

Freak Show

Freak Show

      So I happened along this tiny sim while exploring and had the pleasure of bumping into the owner as well.  The sim is still in the process of being built up but owner and creator Mr Mika Peccati (mrmika) encourages visitors at any time. 

The landing point has you showing up at the carnival gates and in a beaten down parking lot which instantly gives you that abandoned feeling.  Living up to its name, as you look beyond the gate, you get the feeling you've been transported to an abandoned carnival now controlled by the "freaks" that once worked in it.

When asked Mr Peccati stated that his intention was to build an adult friendly hang out for those of the same weird and crazy of mind as he and his girl "our motto is people are free to do what they want, as long as they aren't hurting anyone else" Mr Peccati stated. 

The majority of the objects on the sim are interactive and just praying for a creative mind to take pictures with them.  Beautifully laid out, easy to maneuver though, amazingly designed, It is an enjoyable little sim to escape into the chaotic and explore your more "freaky" side.

Now as some of you may have realized when this blog first began, I have a personal enjoyment in some of the darker sims in sl.  Halloween always me to play and explore photographically that side where beauty meets something dark.  This sim is a perfect place to take those pictures throughout the year.  Also with its  truth or Dare game among others, its the perfect place to explore the freakier sides of your personality and enjoy getting to meet some new faces.

An easy 4 out of 5 for its creative theme, interaction, and design.  The sim is sadly not that big which means that they can't have as many interactive objects as they may have wished but I'm certain that with the right support from Photographers and donations we will see this sim grow into something larger.  Please as always don't forget to donate, its these sims we need to help keep open.

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