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Sunday, 5 March 2017


Katmee's Coconut Island

     So this morning I found myself standing at the teleport area of Katmee's Coconut Island.  Now right away the title has me thinking of beach and sun and I have my hopes up to find myself on a little romantic and peaceful getaway like the Keys.  The Sims description informed me that the area was home to Art Galleries and was a beautiful sim to take photos on.  As always I was up for the challenge.

     Now let me start by saying the first thing you are going to want to do is to put on your big girl/boy underwear before arriving, and you may want to lock them!!!  This is an adult sim and the first thing I notice when landing is a hitching post that isn't meant for horses.  The area's landing point also is right in front of a small church where  People may be screaming "Oh God" but that isn't who they are worshiping.

The church of the Naughty Nuns

I was pleased to see that right beside the church was a little gazebo with a scooter parked in front and a beautiful few of the shore that presented a great spot for pictures.  Eager to get to work I managed a couple of shots before continuing on my way.

I soon found out that the sim offers a host of locations, with most catering to the .......................more adventurous, and as promised an art gallery which as well catered to the more erotic arts.
 Bar on the main St, The Queen's Arm
Tattoo Parlor on the Main Street

The sim's teleported (located by the church) will take you to the locations the sim offers and the locations are also available by foot if you choose to simply walk through the sim.  Tuscan Village, Cinema, Main Beach, Nude Beach, Landing Zone, Pier, Main Gallery, Clock Towner, and a Porno Theatre.

The one thing that seemed to connect most of these areas that are in some ways so vastly different is they all seem to have some place you can do a little bump and grind.  Over all the sim is ok for taking pictures but much better suited as a pretty place to shag.  2 out of 5..........Sorry guys!  Definitely something I would recommend to adventurous couples but not to a Photographer.

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