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Saturday, 18 March 2017



     Not many people know this about me, but this journey of sim hopping began long,  long ago.  December of 2011 I lost someone very close to me in second life very suddenly.  It was a heart break unlike any I've ever known.  I cared deeply for that person, talked to him everyday, shared my interests and aspirations, and developed a true friendship even though we never met face to face.  Yet when he passed the grief was just as real as if it was someone in real life, and sadly in second life we don't get the same type of closer to heal as we would in real life.  There was no funeral, no beautiful speeches, he was just simply gone.

     Not knowing how to heal myself, but knowing I needed time with a hurt this deep , I decided then to take out a real life map and travel in second life.  To visit the world, take pictures, write, and process all I was feeling.  It took me almost 2 full years to finish my journey, and another year before I could honestly say I was back to being myself once again completely, but I had created a world of experiences and stories in sl, met people from all over the world and created a very versatile friends list, that I otherwise would not have gotten.

   Now you may ask why it is i'm sharing all of this.  Well, when I was doing my travels through second life back then, I was visiting more cultural sims.  Paris, Egypt, Venice..........and when I returned to my travels it a while later it was more photographic sims......It has been along time since I felt whisked away into another culture, another land, felt like I was visiting and truly a tourist.

     Ashemi is a thriving little City rich with Asian culture.  From the moment I landed on this sim I felt completely whisked away and unable to stop clicking my camera like the typical tourist (I left with 35 pictures).  Everything from the light settings, to the scenery and back ground buildings leaves you feeling completely teleported to another place.

The food venders, coffee shops , even the foliage on the sim all add to this feeling.   Almost everything there is interactive and waiting to have pictures taken in front of it.  The Sim does have a rating of Moderate, so please make sure there is no nudity. 

My Favorite place, the arcade

The owner and one can only assume creator of this sim, Ime Poplin, boasts that its a "cool area for relaxing with friends Photoshoots, and just chilling" and I can't agree with her more.  Your eyes simply will not know what to take in first and if you are a lover of second life photography as am I, you simply not know when to stop.

     I am proud to say I fell completely in love with this sim, and not only will I be back in the future for more photos but it will definitely become a hang out for me as well.  Brilliantly designed, perfectly laid out, amazing place to explore, and simply stunning in its theme.  I Certainly wish we had something far beyond a 5 out of 5 to give this place.  You will most defiantly see this place in the running for my Sim of the Year.

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