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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Borneo Isle

Borneo Isle

Rated: M for Mature

 The Perfect Pair of Shoes

 Ok, so those of you that have been following this little blog know i have a tendency to go off into little rants.  I review these beautiful photographic sims, but while strolling them i tend to think and reflect about my life here in second life, and it turn share it with you all.

Today as i toured Borneo Isle my mind was on shoes!  I know some of you have already let your minds go blank at the thought but just follow me here, i promise its a metaphor. 

Have you ever found an outfit you adore, something that fits you so perfectly you forget you're wearing clothes.  Something that leaves you feeling sexy and confident, free and capable of anything?  I know there are some men rolling there eyes right now, i also know there is a huge majority of woman nodding their heads.  So you find this outfit but its not complete, you need the shoes to go with it and sure enough you find what looks perfect.  The right color, the right shape, they look like they were made for outfit, the only problem is they hurt your feet.  You slip them on, walk around the store trying not to limp and tell yourself that all they need is a bit of time to adjust.
We have somehow been trained as woman to think the pain is ok, that beauty comes with sacrifice, that it has to hurt a little to look or be good.

So we wear the outfit the next day, starting off strong and confident, walking in those uncomfortable shoes and ignoring the fact that every step is killing us.  By the end of the day our feet are throbbing and we can't wait to get home and get out of not only those shoes, but the outfit that once made us feel so amazing.

We might wear the outfit a few more times, continue trying to make those shoes conform to something more comfortable.  Rarely do we think that the shoe is simply not right!  We continue to try and try till finally, we stop wearing that outfit that made us feel so good, we give up the things we want, the way we want to feel because we have the stubborn mind set that those shoes are the only thing that can go with that outfit.

Perhaps its a while later, perhaps your smarter then I am and its right away, either way there comes a day when you are walking through the store and another shoe will catch your eye.  Perhaps its because you've found a different outfit, perhaps its just something that has caught your eye and brought up memories of the outfit you use to wear, either way, these shoes are different then the last, equally as beautiful, and they don't hurt.

Suddenly you are pulling that outfit out of the closet again, and this time, you feel even better in it because you can walk confidently without worrying about the pain of it all.  You receive even more compliments because your face is held high instead of looking to the ground and waiting for the next stab of pain.  

My point to all of this?  I realized today that sometimes we need to let go of what we think is perfect for us.  Sometimes we see things as one way and ignore the pain because we are so convinced that this is the only thing that can make our "outfit" complete, and in turn, we eventually put aside what made us feel so good because we were wrong.

The hardest part, the sweetest part of it all, is realizing and wanting something to change so that you can go back to that outfit in the closet, to being that person you were always meant to be.

So today, i rocked a new pair of shoes!  I toured the stunningly beautiful Borneo Isle, and i walked around with my head up high, for the first time in along time, no longer in pain.

I definitely recommend visiting this quite little spot, grabbing some stunning photos and maybe doing your own reflecting on the shoes you want to wear.  

As for me..............I'm going to continue rocking this outfit, and these new shoes!

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