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Tuesday, 7 November 2017



Rated: A for Adult

Group Key: 465afa9a-1116-6eb3-bea6-4e6a4bcda013

Owner: Anne Maertens (annealyce.maertens)

   Comhar is a very old favorite of mine, and something I have kept a secret for awhile!  Why?  I'm selfish like that.  This huge 3 story building offers poses and back drops galore.

Needing a pick me up I headed there and spent a few hours changing outfits and taking photos.  Needless to say soon my troubled mind was forgetting the things that insisted previously of pissing me off.

I can guarantee you that this HUGE building will offer you poses and a back drop for anything you're in the mood to shoot...................except perhaps and ex. lol 

Don't forget to read over their rules of conduct when exploring

1.  Do not bother other visitors. 
2.  NO photography or machinima of other visitors unless you have their permission.
3.  Sexual activity is restricted to the caves.  Conversations during sexual activity should be within private IM.
4.  Nudity is permitted within the photo studio, photo garden and caves.  While shopping or exploring the rest of the sim please clothe yourself. 
ANY violations to the RULES OF CONDUCT will result in immediate banning from the sim without warning.

This sim is a definite Gem to any photographer.  As always don't forget to donate to help keep this amazing place open.

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