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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Diamond Dust Forest

Diamond Dust Forest

Rated: Adult

Group: 3cfe5ed6-cf88-9827-4b1a-d74776c9adb5

    I needed to be Elsa today!  Not the Cartoon animated character, I mean really who could pull off that hair?, but what she represented.  I needed a place as cold as I felt, a place to remind myself of my inner strength, a place where tears could be turned into Ice castles.  Thankfully I stumbled upon Diamond Dust Forest and lost myself, and my emotions for a little bit, in an amazing winter wonderland.

 When you first arrive in this winter wonderland you are greeted by a stunning snowy sky and these delightful little penguins and instantly feel yourself transported to a North Pole Oasis.

   The sim offers numerous little spots to hang out with a friend or loved one, to capture amazing snowy pictures or to simply wander and think.  All the trees throughout the sim are decorated in beautiful white lights that fill the sky and Forrest path with a certain magic that has to be seen.

     Go sledding, Ice skating, have a snowball fight or build a snowman, there is something for every age physically and emotionally on this Sim.

    I even got to meet the big man himself who abruptly informed me why I made this years naughty list. :( I'll try harder next year.................................NOT!!!!!

    The sim is the perfect place to sit and reflect, don't forget to set your settings to their region wind light for some perfect pictures of the landscape.

     And as this little guy can certainly remind us....................Winter is Coming.  Don't forget to donate to help keep this amazing slice of winter heaven open.

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