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Friday, 3 November 2017

Noelia Island

Noelia Island

Rated: M for Moderate

Group Key: 192ad9f8-cc7a-71ea-f18c-e7237b8d0dff


    Its been a hard few days in real life and in second life.  Some days it feels like the universe is trying to throw as much at you as possible.  Some say it just feels that way, some say its karma, some say the universe is merely testing you.  I have no idea what it is but when i woke up this morning i was having enough of it!  Logging into Second Life for a few moments of peace, deciding since no one was on to speak with, that i would travel to a location someone had sent me..........I'm so glad i did.

This romantic little place is decorated in an Italian/Mediterranean style and welcomes all couples to what they call the "perfect romantic spot"

    The Island offers a huge arrangement of pose balls, cuddled/animated items, boat rides, or simply to meditate near Buddha.

    Though not overly big there is much to catch the eye and it is all so perfectly laid out over the sim that you feel like you've completely escaped to another world.

   It is obviously a delightful spot to take pictures and well worth visiting.  Definitely a place i will be back to visit, with or without someone to dance the day away with.

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