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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Malal's Autumn

Malal's Autumn

Rated: M for Moderate

Owner: Malal Family

I love the Autumn!  I have mentioned before that in real life i live in Canada, and in Canada we are known for this season almost as much as we are our winters.  With a country that is vastly wooded land, and more of it untouched then touched, it is a tourist spot to nature lovers all around the world.

What do i love about it???  The way the air changes to that cool crispness that just feels good on the lungs, the colors of course, orange, yellow, red that touch nearly every tree you see, the sound of leaves crunching beneath you feet, the smell of the first fire in the fireplace, the cool mornings that make you want to stay in bed all day hidden beneath your covers, the huge sweaters that you begin to break out, every inch of the season calls to me.

I also love what Fall represents which sounds kind of strange for a season most relate to death.  Yes the leaves are dying, we know that we will soon be struggling against the winter, the ground begins to freeze at nights, the world around us begins to ready for a winter slumber.  The woods see more animals out eating, readying them selves for hibernation, hunters adorn their orange vests as they get ready to go out and make a kill.  I suppose if you look at the season that way it can be quiet depressing.

I on the other hand view it as a time for preparing, for knowing that a challenge will face you and a readiness to make yourself stronger for it.  I find it a season of respectfulness, a time to think about the season just past, and the hopes for the one to come.  You see even when something dies there is great beauty in it.  We are left with memories, lessons learned, a chance to make ourselves stronger so the same mistakes aren't made again.  As always, even though we know the path before us will be hard, we are assured that the spring will come, and new life will begin again.

This sim beautifully captures the magic of fall from the last blooms of flowers, to the apple orchard waiting to be picked clean.  Elegantly decorated,  beautifully laid out, it is the perfect place to capture a fall photo or to simply sit and reflect with your friends or on your own.  

I am happy to say that this place has made its way into my favorites list and will definitely be on there for a long time to come.  The sim could have been toured completely with in 45 minutes yet i found myself there for almost 2 hours simply taking pictures and thinking

Don't forget to leave a donation, this is certainly a place we want to keep open

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