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Friday, 17 November 2017

The Forest

The Forest

Rated: M

     Oh yes, it is getting to be that time of the year.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas is on its way.  I have to admit I'm really excited to see all the winter sims opening and that Christmas feeling beginning to take over.  Dragging out the Jackets and books I have now actively begun amusing myself with touring these wintery wonderlands.

     Today I visited The Forest.  From the minute you land on this site you are greeted with a ton of activities just begging to be completed and poses waiting for you to snap the perfect picture.  Take the sleigh ride (with a real reindeer!!) through the winter winter wonderland or simply take your time and stroll through.

     The sim offers multi levels as you make your way up the mountain slope. Take the lift all the way to the top to visit the lodge, and ski or sled your way down, or simply enjoy the walk through the snow.  The sim also offers some simply stunning winter retreats at a very affordable price to get away with the family or to simply spend some time alone.

      Really how can you resist renting one of these perfect little cabins when they offer beautiful little outdoor hot tubs such as this one?  I definitely know where i'll be vacationing this winter!

     This place offers the perfect winter photo location for yourself or your family with attractions for both the adult, a child or the child like at heart.

     What really impressed me though was the staff!  I arrived at the lodge and was greeted right away by one of the admins asking me if there was anything they could help me with.  Upon asking about the sim they were more then eager and proud to explain just why they so adored this piece of winter heaven.

     This place will definitely be going on my winters favorite list for taking pictures, hanging out, and just sneaking off to spend some time alone.  A definite suggestion for you all to visit and as always don't forget to donate.  This is definitely a MUST to keep open.





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