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Friday, 30 November 2018

Cold Ash

Cold Ash

Rated: M for Moderate


      When you first land in Cold Ash you might be a little surprised, this isn't your typical photographic sim and might seem a little odd to be placed on this list.  You land in the middle of a Mens Clothing store, which is the lands namesake.  Cold Ash offers realistic mesh clothing, for TMP, Signature, and Slink Physique mesh bodies.  The clothing texture is beautifully done, very fashionable, and reasonably priced.

What caught my eye though, and what puts this place on my list, is what you see when you step out of the store.  The land surround the store is decorated in a water side industrial area, that keeps with the rugged theme of the store and its target customer.

Walk along the train tracks to tour the sim and its surrounding rugged beauty and find numerous back drops for the perfect photo.

The place is stunningly put together and throughout the area gives you that industrial, urban feeling as well as offering a few places to just sit and enjoy the scenery.

Overall I truly enjoyed exploring this sim and the perfection of the creators decorating.  Amazing job and definitely worth visiting.

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