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Monday, 19 November 2018

"Let It Snow

"Let it Snow" A Winter Wonderland

Rated: M for Moderate

You have to admit, there can be something beautifully romantic about winter.  The ground is covered in a layer of white that somehow makes it look clean and refreshed.  To sit inside cuddling with someone you love beneath a warm blanket during a snow storm sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening.  Not to mention the winter brings us Christmas, were for a brief second we proclaim love for the world instead of just for ourselves and our families.

I've always found something magical about the winter season.  True i'm Canadian, so we either find the good in it or spend 6 months being miserable, but even as I child i can recall praying and waiting for that first snow fall.  There were games to be played in the snow, sledding, skiing, building forts, and oh the snow ball fights with my brother!  If i could only tell you the times that ended with a piece of Ice in a snow ball piercing someones skin! lol

As an adult we begin to experience the hassles of Winter.  The shoveling of driveways, the trying to get to work in a storm, or in my case being stuck at work and working 3 shifts back to back! But i confess even now as an adult, on those days i'm off and it begins to snow, i find myself settling beside the window and just watching in wonder as the world gets bathed in a fresh layer of white.

I guess this is one of the blessings of second life.  All the benefits of the snow season, all the magic and romance of it without all the adulting.  No need to wear that puffy parka that makes you look like state puff marshmallow man, no worrying about mittens and loosing your fingers to frost bite, and all the fun the season has to offer.

Now if you're like me and still find magic and romance in the season, then you definitely have to visit "Let it Snow" A Winter Wonderland.  This place truly lives up to its name and drowns you in the beauty and romance of winter.  Offering you many locations around sim to just cozy up by the fire alone or with someone, its the perfect place to just loose yourself in beauty.

I had to contact the owner and thank her for the amazing place she created. Created from the mind of Milly Sharple a second life artist, i was pleased upon contacting her to find herself as lovely as the sim.

I had to ask her what inspired her to create such a stunning place for the public

 Milly Sharple: It's the fourth time I have done Let it Snow - I did it in 2014, 2015, 2016 and then missed last year.  So many people contacted me asking where it was and were so disappointed not to find it!  So I decided to do it again this year - for the people who enjoy it but also because I love to do it.  I am an artist in SL - creativity is my thing!

Milly has been showing her artistry in second life since 2010, and i am certain, like me, once you see her Winter Wonderland, you will be determined to visit and see her other second life creations. She is currently showing at

I can't show you any pictures of Milly's work there, as the gallery doesn't allow photographs, but trust me when i say that there are some watercolors there that completely put the beauty of her sim to shame. The woman has extraordinary talent and i am so delighted to have been able to meet her and view her art work.  I encourage all of you who are a fan of the arts to treat yourself and see her stunning artwork for yourself.

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