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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Mirage Part 2 - The Rooms-


Rated: A for Adult

Owner: Nica Minaj (Nicasio.ansar)


      Mirage!  The name alone leaves you with the feeling of something sensual and mysterious, and this mirage i can tell you, doesn't fail to live up to that.  When you land you feel like you are in a little Italian village.  The little Cafe, cobble stoned streets, the stone walls that surround you, you can't help but feel yourself transported to a whole new part of the world.  Its when you look along the stone fencing that you begin to notice the doors that line it, and upon looking at the doors you can't help but see the titles attached to them.

The first set of doors offers you themes.  Aquarium, Class, Garage, Church, Park, and Hotel. A simple step through the door finds you transported to an area of your choosing.  Now these Themed areas aren't merely rooms, but builds and lands so perfectly decorated to theme that you truly feel like you've been taken to a completely different sim.  No matter what themed room you choose, nearly every object is scripted with adult poses, that allow you to truly enjoy the scenery and the moment!
(don't believe that then check out previous post for our 10 000 Views taken in Isa's room at the Mirage)

 The Hotel
 The Hotel

     The second set of doors offer temptation to the Domme and Dom alike.  BDSM themed you will find doors marked Dungeon, Hotel, and Shibari.  Now one of the things i did appreciate about this area, and i have learned is not so easy to find, is that the poses here cater to the fdom as well as the ladies get your whips ready!

Our next set of doors gives us the At Home inspired offering the Apartment, Dorm, and Man Cave.  As with the rooms above all are fully interactive and stunningly decorated, making it perfect for photographs, thats if you can keep your mind on the camera and not the seductive poses possible.

 The Dorm

The Apartment

Our last two sets of doors offers us Isa's Apartment and Boat House, as well as an Urban Decay theme space.

 The Class Room

 The Park

Now as far as i could tell the rooms don't have an indicator light stating they are in use, and I in typical me fashion, of course walked in on a couple.  Long story short, if you're shy or not wanting to be caught, might want to rethink here as it does carry that small risk.

Over all its an amazing sim, brilliantly decorated and definitely on my lists of sims to visit again.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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