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Thursday, 29 November 2018

The Other Side

Welcome To The Other Side

Rated: A for Adult



Ok how do you not love a sim that surprises you with a dancing storm trooper the moment you show up?

Now the first thing i noticed about this sim and didn't like was that from its landing point there is no real pathways in which to walk around the island, you're kind of just dropping down the side of the snowy mountain to the ground below.  That said it is well worth the fall.  Windlight settings i found perfect for the sim so defiantly give them a try when you begin snapping your pictures.

The sim is set up with a Wintery country side theme that in some places is really quite stunning, though there are places on the sim i find scattered, unorganized and too spacious.

for example this snow man sits in the middle of a frozen lake with caravans way off in the distance.

Now the little spots that are put together are stunning and defiantly worth of taking pictures of 

and they sim does have many interactive places to take some great selfies, including a photo booth at the start.

Over all though i have to say I found the sim looking incomplete and a little too spacious.  Still worth a visit though.

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