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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Tranquil Bear Winter Resort

Tranquil Bear Winter Resort

Rated M for Moderate

Owner: Alex Luciano & Jaxx Luciano

Have you ever known someone?  Really known someone?  Knew them so well that you knew what cereal they would pick in the morning, knew what they would be doing at any given time of the day, knew their favorite color, their favorite movie, their favorite song like they were your own?
Have you ever known someone so well that you can recognize them just by the smell of their skin, the touch of their hand, the sound of their breathing.  Have you ever known someone so well that you could sit in a room for hours and not say a word and still feel connected?  Or been surprised when after knowing them this well that you are still capable of staying up all night talking?

When i logged on tonight expecting a night like any other.  I was whisked away as soon as i logged on to Tranquil Bear, but even this wasn't uncommon as i have become use to being whisked to one sim after another to review.

Looking around i found a scenic beauty just waiting to be photographed.  Softly falling snow surrounded me and continued to fall from the sky, couples danced in the snow covered gazebo, other cuddled by the fire, and a lone figure skater danced on the ice.  I instantly took to my camera and began snapping pictures, the Canadian loving a snow fall i didn't have to freeze in.  

The Sim only became more pleasing when I was greeted during the process of picture taking by one of the owners with a friendly " Welcome to Tranquil Bear Winter Resort!"  Now let me note this wasn't one of those annoying bots but the actual owner, and it wasn't like there was a few of us on sim, more like a few dozen, so a personal greeting was a super nice touch.

Of course I couldn't resist getting in a few questions with Alex Luciano who is about as sweet and beautiful as the sim its self.

Isabella Taylor (belladochas.minoptra): How long has the sim been open?

 Aℓєχ Lυcιαησ (alexandrasadie): For about a week, i'm still adding little touches here and there

 Isabella Taylor (belladochas.minoptra): really only a week?  I'm really impressed now, what made you decided to open a winter sim to the public?

[ Aℓєχ Lυcιαησ (alexandrasadie): I also do a Halloween sim, Deadman's Island.. and it's a joy to me, to create a sim for people to enjoy. I was unsure about doing a winter sim this year, but I had several people ask if I was going to do one, and I decided to go ahead with it. : I was a bit sad when Deadman's Island came down, so this was what I needed!

Now while on sim you'll notice the center focus is the log cabin.  Head inside to sit around at the Cafe and sip hot chocolate, or head to one of the cozy living rooms available and cuddle up next to the fire.  Me?  Well thats the part that was surprising.  i cuddled up next to the fire with the person i love most and proceeded to talk to him for about 4 hours.  Talk, Laugh, cry, over nothing at all, as if we had magically fallen back to a day 2 and a half years ago when we were trying to get to know each other.  There is definitely some romance and magic in this beautiful slice of heaven and a must see for the romantic, and the photographer alike!  Thank you Alex and Jaxx, this piece of heaven will certainly be added to my favorites list.

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