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Friday, 30 November 2018

Winters Hallow

Winters Hallow

Rated : M for Moderate


Owner: Stella Mahogany

Size : Estate/homestead

You take the tp and land in a little Christmas themed cafe, surrounded by snow covered trees.  You are instantly transported into the magic and wonder of winter.

When you walk out of the cafe along the snow covered pathway, you find yourself led out to the main road which will take you around the sim.  While walking be sure to look between and in the trees for all the little critters that peek around to greet you.

This sim is decorated perfectly, and as you walk you can almost feel the chill of the snow because it is so perfectly done.  The sim provides many different locations for the perfect wintery photo session.

I adore how the creator of the sim combined old winter items that we have seen on many sims over the seasons, with newer up to date items to create a whole new experience and to make the sim seem like something you've never seen before.

I can't even begin to say how much i truly adored this sim.  It wasn't over crowded and yet at the same time it wasn't overly decorated.  It was/is simply perfect.  The only thing i wasn't a fan of was the sims wind light settings, finding that it was too dark for the snowy wonderland.

I truly enjoyed my visit to the sim and will definitely be back to take more photos.  This is the perfect location for those of you wanting to capture winter photos and would make the perfect setting to Christmas cards.

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