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Monday, 13 March 2017

Devin 1 & 2

Part 3

Devin 1

     This is it Devin, the last part of this review.  That's right folks if you've been following then this is the awaited for part 3, if you haven't been following, well let me tell you, that's how HUGE this place is, we had to break it up into 3 parts just to get a review done on it. 

     Part 1 as its called, of Devin has a country, fall type feel.  I'm interested to see if this changes with the changing of seasons.  The Sim is amazing to take photos on thanks to the many interactive objects, the beautiful landscaping, and the rich full colors that the sim owner all tie seamlessly in together.  It is truly easily to see that this sim is a labor of love for its owners because it easily shows in every little detail.

      As with the others, the sim has dance balls and cuddle options located about, so its the perfect place to bring a date, and with its moderate rating its the perfect place to take some family photos.

 9 months, someone get this kid out of me!!!!!

     For this sim, and for the Sim overall, it has the majority of all your photography needs and is just simply lovely to be on, I enjoyed every second of being there and would recommend this place for new and old photographers alike.  A VERY VERY well earned 5 out of 5.  Thank you so much Devin for all your work.  As always don't forget to donate and keep these amazing sims open.

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  1. WOW oh my................ thank you so much for your visit and wonderful blog with so much beautiful photos and you described Devin so well, yes when you arrived the sim will give you warmth and we really like to share this stunning place. thank you, thank you again :)