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Monday, 13 March 2017

Madame Reve

Madame Reve

     I am in love with this place!  Lets just start by saying that.  A complete photographers dream and to all of you that live by that second life camera, if you haven't been, stop reading and GO!!!  This place inspires imagination for your camera and .......................well lets just say it inspires imagination.  Rated adult, so don't wear your offended easily panties when you go.

     The sim, which is surrounded by water and tiny islands is easily assessable.  And even though each destination offers you a different feel and experience they all tie into each other so beautifully.  Amazingly decorated, with beautiful buildings and rich textures the sim is stunning to photograph on its own or the perfect spot to show yourself off.

     Because of its versatility, the ability to create any sort of picture here from fantasy to naught is endless.   Its a one stop photographic sim with endless possibilities.  And though the sim is not massive, I found myself spending two days here simply exploring, and enjoying it.  The perfect spot for lovers of the camera and couples wishing to spend some time together.

    I would love to see what you created in this beautiful spot so don't forget to share those pictures on the Second Life tourist at our flickr page as well as the Sim's flickr page mentioned above.  This is definitely a Sim I will be visiting again to photograph on and is a well deserved 5 out of 5.

     P.s .... I of course had to buy one of the newest pieces by Kiddo Oh at Dead Dollz and this place seemed like the perfect place to show it off.

 This is a mans world, this is a mans world, but it would mean nothing, no nothing, without a woman or a girl

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