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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Eternally Yours


I was going through Flickr one day, favoring photos, when I noticed one featuring a beautiful landscape.  Checking I was happy to see that a teleport awaiting and quickly got the landmark knowing this was someplace I wanted to explore.

The description of Eternally Yours tells us its a rustic, mystical, magical mountain side with a surprise around every turn.  I instantly started imagining fairies in the forest, leprechauns peeking around corners, that sort of thing.  Well I wasn't disappointed when I first landed.  You instantly fall into the magical world promised.

 Near landing point
Near landing point
Near landing point

Ok, so we can all agree from this picture that this sim so far is certainly sticking to its magical, mystical, mountain theme.  As you take a little trail though something strange happens, the mystical
and magical completely fade and it simply just becomes mountain home.
Cute little Cabins are place through out this one mountain area 
All beautifully decorated 
 All with fantasic interactive objects
 This home as a beautiful view of the wooded area, and a huge field filled with deer.
 another one of the many cottages
 Stunning view from the cottage door
 field by the Big log house.

  beautiful light house

     Now, this mountain type area is stunning, its beautifully decorated, its fantastic to go to and relax, but with there not being one single magical or mystical element hidden in it, you end up feeling like you've walked from one sim into another.   The sim then opens up to an open water area and if you begin to explore, under the water you will see the magical element come back.  Once more you feel you've been transported to another sim.

     I was that the magical element was blended more into the cabin area not leaving them feeling so separated.  When I took pictures in the first area I changed into something whimsical, but the time I was in the mountain area the outfit felt very out of place but wouldn't have been so if I still could have found a unicorn grazing instead of deer.  Adding this to the wooded area would also have blended the water area with the merhorses more.  Over all though the sim is lovely, beautifully decorated and easy to get around.  For that I'm giving it a 3 out of 5. Just make sure to bring a few change of clothes for the trip.

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