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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Fall Trace

Fall Trace

     If you happened to read the previous post you would know some of the back ground to the Trace Sims.  Created originally as the Summer Trace Sim by Kylie Jaxxon it became a joint project by the next year when Elvira Kytori, owner and creator of White Dunes Estate Rentals, joined the next year.  When Kylie retired from the protect in 2016 the Trace sims became the project of Elvira.  The concept between the sims is that there would be 3 seasonal Sim's where each will stay for a whole year, open to the public, before changing for a new season.  The Fall Sim this year has been primarily designed by Elvira Kytori.

        Now, the first thing that I would like to tell you is that when you visit this sim please follow the instructions written out for you at the landing point.  Elvira has perfected the regions wind light setting, and there is a very informative note on how to get your clouds perfect.  The sim is stunning on its own, but with these settings you truly become captivated with the sim and the beauty of it.

     Now I confess, normally when I arrive at a photographic sim the first things I do is, look around the landing point for any information, take out my little NC to take notes, and open my review card so I can note first impressions.  My point is when I do my original walk through of a place i'm at the same time taking notes, looking at it with a critical eye, and taking pictures.  Trace was completely different.  I landed in the landing point, took the information, set my settings and walked out the door only to be completely captured by the sheer beauty of it.

     I walked through the sim first, simply just admiring everything, taking in the feel of it, the colors, the many sights, and when I finally made my way back to the start I then started my regular process.

     This is, just as the Winter sim was, the perfect sim for Fall.  Its beautifully decorated without being over crowded, everything blends together seamlessly, its just simply stunning to visit.

Once more I give this sim and its creators a 10 out of 5.  It is definitely on my list as one of my favorite sims and I will most certainly be back to visit and take more pictures.  Please don't forget to donate to this amazing Sim, it is certainly one of the few we need to keep open.

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