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Tuesday, 14 March 2017



     So today I decided to explore once more, shocking I know.  My adventures this time led me to a little sim called Duet. 

This sim is a photography sim offering a wide range of photography settings from the beach to a castle ruin.  it provides many oportuny for different picture options and even has its own foto hud that's available for use on the sim.

The Photography "areas" are well set up for the most part and provide amazing back grounds to your photos.  The only problem I had with the sim was that I found when taking a picture you could sometimes see these other area's in the back ground.  For example there is a little city type area with a dead hooker laying on the ground and shopping carts etc, but when you attempted to take a photo in this area you could either see the bridge and mystical type trees in the back ground, which didn't fit the scene, or if you turned the other way you saw deer, water and a log cabin, which again didn't fit the scene.  So really that whole set up truly only allowed you to capture things from one angle and by doing so you missed a lot of the small details available in that area.

I also suggest playing with your Wind light on this sim.  I wasn't a fan of the region settings but found with a little bit of playing around I got some great pictures.  So don't be afraid to hit that sky tab and play around a little bit.
 Dance area
 Castle Ruins

Over all it was a good adventure a fun afternoon of pointing and clicking.  I don't know if this sim would make my regular visited spots, but it is definitely a recommend for new photographers interested in taking some photos and learning more about the craft.  Definite 3 out of 5 Stars

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