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Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Welcome to Tableau

     Part of the fun of Photography in sl is finding something amazing in the most unpredictable of places.  An amazing unexpected Sim like Country side,  a sim that tells such a fantastic story that you get lost in it, and every now and them the most amazing place to take a few pictures in the middle of what you thought was a shopping zone!!!!!  Nylong Outfitters, Fashionably Dead, Yummy, Wrigglesworths, Paper Couture, Oh La La!, ZsaZsa's, Hours of Beauty , Cheeky Pea and Moon, all line this Mexican theme town, surrounded by desert and beautiful with its bright colors and amazing design.

Your Site at the landing point

Shopping time

     Now I went with the intention of picking up a few million and one items, and instead got completely side tracked.  The Sim is surrounded by a desert and mountains, with some of the strangest objects thrown in.  An old discarded Circus gives it a creepy abandoned feel, not to mention the huge bomb and radio active signs that appear in the middle of the big top.

Finding the secrets of my furture, they involve shopping, and some things that were x-rated.

Trust me when I tell you that the few pictures I took at this place don't even come close to letting you see all the hidden gems the sim has to offer, or the shopping experience on top of that.

 What a view
Love they have the little elope a meter next to this

Before long I realized that I had done a few costume changes and spent and hour wandering this little Sim without even shopping, simply taking photos and admiring the many great pieces.  Another fantastic feature is that because so many of the building are brightly painted they made for fantastic back drops for a picture, the wind light settings on the sim are simply divine.

I even made a few friends in my time there

I so give this magical little spot a 4 out of 5 and would love to see them devote a whole sim to the feel of this place.  Now, as much fun as I had taking didn't think I forgot to go shopping did you?

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