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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Venta Silurum


     Have you ever had one of those mornings?  Nothing is going to plan and that little problem you spend the night thinking over has now become HUGE in your mind and is making your heart race every time you think of it.  You'd give anything just to be able to relax and forget what's troubling you and at the same time when someone offers to do just that you find yourself refusing the invitation because you need to be alone to think over things?   If you have, don't worry you are not alone.  If you haven't don't worry, i'm not crazy............well at least that's what the voice tell me to tell you. O.o

     This was my morning this morning!  What had seemed like a small and simple problem the day before had spent the night festering and by the time I woke up in the morning it felt like world war 3 sitting on my shoulders.  I decided it may be best to view a sim, and wondered aimlessly through one, ALONE and STILL THINKING!!!!!  Which completely didn't help!  About an hour later my husband showed up and suggested to take off to see another sim he had in mind.  Well by this time I desperately wanted the company so I could take my troubles and put them aside, yet at the same time some twisted little part of me must have been enjoying the misery because I wanted to be alone.  The point to this???  I promise I'm getting to it.  By the time we showed up at the destination my husband had in mind I was already skeptical.  With one look at the beautiful spacious sim I had determined it wasn't for me. 

    When you land in Venta Silurm you are greeted by a Goraen meets Game of thrones feel.  Like the two had come together and this place was there love child.  Now I haven't played in Gor for about 2 years, and in any medieval sim even longer then that, so usually this style of sim even when a photographic sim isn't my cup of tea because I simply have nothing that would spark my imagination.  It took me about 3 minutes of walking around on the sim, grumpy and miserable before my mood completely changed and a dozen different ideas came swirling at me.  I was setting camera settings and taking pictures so fast that i'm pretty sure I got computer finger (don't know if that's a thing but it sounds like it should be.  Maybe its the STD for those cyber sexer)

Landing Point at Venta

Venta is rated M for Moderate, and by joining the group you are able to lay down poses.  There is also a write up on the guidelines that I recommending getting and reading over.  You will find out that this Sim was started by Tallyesin & Kiana Jarman and the two actively work on the sim altering it to keep it fresh.  There are no teleporting aids available on the sim but its open and easy to walk through to explore and you are able to fly around.
They have a wide arrangement of Estate managers and Officers to help deal with any problems you might encounter and there names are available to you in the NC given in the guidelines.  There really isn't any "rules" to the sim to follow, except being courteous and following the LL regulations concerning a moderate sim ((keep those tata's covered people)). 

It was obvious that the sim was designed for Photographers and the owners encourage all that wish to take photos there to post to their flickr group .  There are also small events hosted on the sim from time to time so make sure that you keep yourself in their group and please don't forget to donate.  This is certainly a sim we want to see open for a long time to come.  By far one of the best Sim's I have had the pleasure photographing and a well deserved 5 out of 5.

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