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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Summer Trace

Summer Trace

     I swear this time I will not go into the history of the Trace Sims, except to say this is where it all began in 2013 by Kylie Jaxxon.    From the moment I arrived here I could stop myself from pointing and clicking, everything just seemed to beg to be photographed.  Now given this is my third in the Seasonal Trace Sims, I walked into it with a certain expectation.

Landing Area

Of Course I was far from disappointed.  It was easy to see that Summer Trace lived up to the remarkably high standard that was set for all of the Trace Sims.  Everything about it was sheer perfection to the season. 

     The flower gardens scattered through out the sim are home to so many different varieties of flowers that I'm certain one could spend all day photographing and still not capture them all


And with so many interactive objects its a perfect place to simply walk and explore, cuddle up with a love one, or spend the day snapping pictures.  I must say as well, for how remarkably decorated these sims are, there is relatively no, or little lag.
Stop along the bridge and take a fly over the sim in the glider , stop to buy flowers, or continue on to another section of beach.

There you will find a stunning little beach shack just waiting for you to relax or take photos in.  Or if you choose make your way down to the water where more adventure awaits.

    Now the sim is a perfect 5 out of 5, of that there can be no doubt, and its definitely made my list for when I buy a new sun dress or bikini and want the perfect location to shoot it.  The interactive objects were amazing, the colors and textures screamed summer, and yet out of the 3 sims it was my least favorite.  Not because of anything lacking with the sim its self, but I think just because the "summer/beach" style sim is done so much.  Now personally I would love to see them trade this one in for a spring sim, with trees just coming into bloom, and gardens just waiting to be worked, with mud puddles waiting to be jumped in and grass poking up from melting snow. But then again that is my personal taste.  Over all it is by far the most beautiful Summer Sim I've ever been do and if there weren't so many Summer Sims all over second life it would have left more of an impression.

Aint no cure for the summer time blues
     I also got to meet a few friends today, including this beauty that I captured standing in the field.

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