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Monday, 13 March 2017

Saint Pete City

Saint Pete City

     When you take the land mark for this sim you find yourself in a kind of town square.  Before you, a quant little coffee shop, across from you the local hotel.  The buildings and decorations in this sim instantly catch your attention and you can tell that the owner (owners) have paid great attention to all the little details.

Coffee Shop (notice the bikes?)

Out side the Hotel.

The buildings are beautiful, the streets cobble stone.  It instantly begs to be photographed and as a Canadian I instantly feel transported to Old Quebec.

arrow points to bikes.

     You will also see when you are at the landing point that this sim is award winning, and the more you venture through the more awards you will see.  upon investigation I came to find out that this sim has won numerous awards from LTD magazine (Love to Decorate, as well as winning other awards such as AVI Choice awards as recent as 2016.
 AVI Choice
 Numerous LTD Awards
Near landing point...................please start noticing the bikes.

What I soon learn is that the majority of these buildings are not accessible.  They are merely decorated store fronts with nothing inside.  Perfect to stand in front of and take a picture if you have brought poses with you, but not interactive at all.  The Sim does offer rentals and is a residential sim.  For any of the Villa's or apartments you are looking at around $750 per week for about 200 prim.
Now because it is not a fully residential sim, even with a rental you will not receive full parcel rights. Houses are not permitted to be changed, or the exterior decorations or window textures.  Basically anything that effects the sims image.  Now a very cool it of news, as a resident here you will get early access to Shiny Shabby and the Cross roads events!  Also worth noting that the Villa have privacy settings.  All this information is available in a very informative notecard which you can pick up by visiting the NEstates building on site.
 This building you can go in and you definitely should, stunning art work inside worthy of looking through.
 Loved this little weed bar
Book Store

Over all it is a beautiful sim and if you have some poses ready, definitely worth strolling through and taking some pictures.
 The Light House
 Head office (closed off building)

Calling in the one thing I found strange about the Sim

Now, here is the only thing concerning the sim I found strangely out of place.  The whole sim is stunningly beautiful, with a place for everything and everything in its place..................except for a mass amount of bikes that are scattered EVERYWHERE!  Either its the greenest neighborhood in the world and everyone died suddenly when out and about, or there is a mass serial bike stealer and he lives and stores his stolen bikes here!  Look up at some of the pictures I've already posted and notice that almost every picture has at least one bike in the back ground.  Not so bad right, but when you consider you turn the next corner and see things like this......................

    So I have but one question.  Dear creatures of Saint Pete City..................WTF IS WITH ALL THE BIKES??????????????  Over all its a beautiful sim and definitely worthy of the many awards.  a definite 4.5 out of 5........sorry the bikes still freak me out!
 You can also get rental information for Saint Pete City from here, as well about the other sims owned by NEstate
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