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Tuesday, 21 March 2017




     I'm not quite sure where to begin with this one!  Before I took the landmark I read up on the sim.  Titled as a Fetish Theatre and Sim I went in fully expecting to see some of the more "naughty" themes available in sl.  The description of the sim tells us that it is an adult fantasy environment that is both stimulating, artistic and catering to the animalistic beast that lurks deep in us all..........I mean so far this place sounds like heaven right?

Now the landing point is pictured above and the moment my feet stood upon this virtual ground, my nose crinkled with confusion at the unexpected.  The place was pristine white, and very femininely decorated with no hint of appealing to that inner beast.  Now, this was simply a landing area, so I set off to explore some more.

     So this is what I first saw when walking out into the sim.  Totally unexpected for the theme I was promised but never less a lovely little scene.  I was quick to capture a picture of it.  When I turned though I was slightly confused.  From my spot at Sleeping Beauty's dress, just a few mere steps away was the front gate of a Carnival.  The scary clowns mouth opened wide to admit entrance.  Expecting a Kinky, scary carnival theme I stepped through only to see more of the above fairy tale type scene.

There were a few buildings with similar ill fitting scenes, a hotel that had the scariest children I have ever seen standing out front playing with balloons', Fairy tale horses beside a coffee/radio station/bar, beside a lake with a wedding sign, beside a group of run down fishing boats.

No matter what picture you took the scenes were so close together that you were always catching something that DIDN"T fit the scene in the back ground.  Its the first time that I've ever visited a sim and gotten so frustrated that I simply gave up taking pictures.  Now I will say this, every inch of this sim is interactive and would be perfect to take photos, this person obviously has one hell of  a pose prop collection, IF it was laid out properly and with some sort of theme besides scattered pieces and scattered buildings all over the place.  Its as if they person simply cleaned out their inventory of favorite things on one sim.  I am giving the place a 1.5 out of 5 because the pose props were so great, I just wished I could have taken a decent picture with them without a whole other scene in the back ground.

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