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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Halloween Town

2017 Halloween Town
Come Join the booootactular

Rated: M

This sim has ALOT to offer.  Come for the shopping experience were you can find Mesh Costumes, gatchas, party decorations and much more, or as with me visit for the haunted house.

Now i have to say right from the start, BRAVO to the creator for the originality of the haunted house, the theme was absolutely amazing and well worth the visit.

You the reader, just take a second to think about your favorite horror movies as a child or a young adult and chances are you are going to find one of them here in this epic little adventure.

My tour started with this visual, and instantly i was excited to see pieces of one of my all time favorite moves

"I do wish i could chat longer, but i'm having an old friend to dinner"

I thought, and was excited about,the whole thing being Silience of the lambs, cause i mean they do not get more creepy then Buffalo Bill!  But i was delightfully surprised to see that this last room lead to a movie theater.

My next Movie..............Can you guess it?  The amazing Shinning.  Now I didn't take pictures of everything this movie provided for scenery, but you definitely have to go check out the rest for yourself.  The Shinning ended with the start of..................

I thought after 3 great movie themes this would be the end of my tour, but i was pleasantly surprised to see the sim had much much more to offer




Friday the 13th


Over all, take your kids, do some shopping and Make sure you visit this amazing Haunted House.  It is definitely well worth it and offers an abundance of photography opportunities.  As always don't forget to donate.


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