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Saturday, 21 October 2017



Rated: M

Owned by : Holiday appreciation Association

Ready to go Trick or Treating

So once more i found this place by visiting Destinations tab and then going into editors picks.  I've been curious the past two days as to what others see as view-able sims, and have been making my way through their list.  To be honest when i landed in HavenHollow i wasn't really expecting much.  The picture on the destination tab didn't really do it justice and the write up of the sim didn't really inform its reader of how truly brilliant this sim is!

The Write up states that its an interactive neighborhood featuring door to door trick or treating.  Now when you arrive on sim you see nothing but a street and a bus, jump on the bus, put on the trick or treat bucket you are given and let the bus take you to the little community that awaits you.

  There has to be about 30 different houses, all beautifully decorated in the Halloween theme.  When i first arrive i thought what a perfect place to take your children to take Halloween pictures.  Now I walked up to one of the doors and fully expected to just be given a notice saying I received a candy or something like that.  Instead what happened thrilled me

The door actually opens and there is this little old lady handing me candy.  EVERY SINGLE HOUSE ON SIM IS LIKE THIS, the door opens and there is a new face giving you a piece of candy.  This sim just became a MUST to take your second life children for trick or treating, its about as close to the real life experience as possible.  I searched every single house, searching to see if there was a doubling of the face that opens the door, but each house is unique and offers its own unique treat.  When you finally reach the the last house at the end of the sim you will see a path way leading into the woods.  Definitely follow this for a little family fright as it will lead you to a few more haunted type houses where pictures can be taken.

I loved that this wasn't just another Halloween sim but a full out experience.  By far one of my favorite family Halloween sims that i have visited.  Once more i will say that ANYONE with children HAVE to see this sim!  I will most definitely be bringing the little ones in my family before Halloween arrives.

Happy Trick or Treating Everyone  

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