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Saturday, 7 October 2017

La Vie


     Its funny how things happen.  A little over a year ago, while rping on a family sim a bright Idea occurred that would change the course of my life.  you see, I had a 4 year old daughter.  She had come to me and asked me if i would be her mom, she already had a dad.  later, when her father joined the same sim, we decided we needed some "story" as to how this child was created. What we decided upon was that it was a wild teenage romance, he knocked me up at 17, we had our daughter, and went our separate ways.

Keep following people, I swear i have a point here.

One day while this man and i were sitting and laughing about the antics of our daughter, we stumbled upon an idea..............wouldn't it be funny to provide her with photos of when her parents were young and in love?  We set to work finding the right outfits, the right poses, and my daughters father teleported me to LaVie to take the pictures.  Now at that time it was a beautiful summer themed sim, surrounded by water, beach, sand, it was stunning.  Surrounded by this beauty, enjoying our little photography shoot, it ended up leading to a day spent at La Vie engaged in conversation, and soon after a relationship. 

     Those pictures from that first day in La Vie ended up become beautiful memories and the Sim a place to go to instantly bring a smile to my face.  The word alone like a secret code word passed between us to instantly instill emotion and a smile. 

La Vie has recently just re-opened the sim to the public, after closing it down to re-vamp it for Fall.  This Sim is designed with Photographers, lovers, and friends in mind and offers numerous locations to hang out, or simply take the perfect picture.

Tonight as i visited it wasn't with the perfect picture in mind though.  I had come to see the man who had first introduced me to the place  and renew the commitment that we had made so long ago.  It only made sense to run away to the spot where our story began and with the beauty of fall surrounding us we exchanged vows in a quiet ceremony.

     Owned by Krys Vita and decorated with the help of Arol Lightfoot the sim contains a rustic country feel.  you will find horses scattered through the sim to ride, making not only taking pictures of this Sim visually stunning, but fun as well.  Set your view to the region windlight to capture everything in perfect detail (majority of photos taken where using Region windlight).  I can easily say with almost certainty that anyone who visits will find themselves with as many wonderful thoughts and memories about the place as I.

     To be honest with you, even if I wanted to, even if it didn't contain a million and one beautiful memories, there is simply nothing bad i can say about this amazing sim.  It is a must see for everyone interested in photos, wanting to spend a romantic moment with someone, or simply a quiet beautiful place to think.  Thank you to the owners for creating a tiny slice of heaven and as always, don't forget to donate, its sims like this that we MUST keep open.

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