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Monday, 2 October 2017



Rating : Mature

Alot of you might not know this but i am a proud Canadian.  Even more so i'm a very proud maritimer.  Wondering where the hell that is and why I'm informing you?  Located to the east of Canada, and on the Atlantic Coast your have the  provinces New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland & Labrador City.  Vast beautiful Land, Mountains, Ocean front, even our cities have a touch of country.

Now, having family from the Newfoundland region, this huge island, more commonly known as The Rock, is home to some nasty snow storms and some of the most amazing ice fishing you've ever seen.

 Labrador City (isn't it cute?)

The Northern lights can be viewed over most of Canada, but Newfoundland, with the light reflecting off the water and snow gives one hell of a show.

Ok, now, my reason for all of this rl stuff?  Well I had the pleasure yesterday of being directed to a little barely known spot, and was more then simply delighted to see how much it reminded me of one of the places i love most in rl.

Khodovarikha is a weather station located on the Barents Seat.  Desolate with a population of one, Slava.  The sim tells the story of his life in the arctic and what must be the loneliest man on earth.

Now, doesn't sound much like Newfoundland or Labrador i admit, but once you see the pictures you will understand why I so quickly fell in love.

Puffins, These little guys call our east coast home too!

A boat, water and the Northern lights, what more could an east coast girl need

The amazing Northern Lights at Night

Poor Slava's work station

Just like any good Maritimer hes got brew aplenty!

Yes even this Princess use to drive one of these to school in the winter.  Not cause i had to, we do have cars!  But damn, with that much snow WHY NOT? is more like it

Yum, smoked meat!

Over all i can't even begin to say how much I enjoyed this icy little piece of heaven.  A definite MUST SEE, especially with winter approaching.  As always don't forget to donate.  This is definitely a sim worthy of being open.

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