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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Woodbury Falls

Woodbury Falls

Rated: Adult

      So today's travel sees me landing in a little place called Woodbury Falls.   The sims description promised that this would be a photographic sim with an abandoned, urban, Zombie apocalypse theme.  Of course with a description like that I had to go for a visit.

     I landed in an abandoned washed out grocery store with a zombie already standing there waiting for me.  The door is barred with debris forcing me to leave the store out the window.  The moment i step out of the broken window i find myself instantly inspired to take a picture.

     Every inch of the sim is decorated to theme and amazingly laid out to give you that wasteland feel.  There are some but not an abundance of interactive objects so make sure to bring some of your own poses.  No matter where you turn you will find a place begging for a picture to be taken.  Though not hugely big, this sim is definitely a Halloween must and will add to any photo you take as the perfect back ground.  As always make sure to donate to help keep this amazing sim open.

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