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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Night Gazing


Rated: M

Owner: Marley Alexandre


I don't even know where the link came from but somehow I stumbled upon it in my Landmarks and decided to see what it was.  What a pleasant surprise!
Night Gazing is far from being big but is so visually stunning that you certainly don't need an abundance of room to truly enjoy this sim or to take some stunning pictures.

The sim offers a lot of little nooks to sit, relax, gaze at the sky or take photos.  You feel totally transported to another, beautiful world while you are there.  Make sure to grab a note card while you're there to get a land mark to their Halloween sim as well, which you will see reviewed as well soon. 

Kudos to Marley for creating a stunning experience well worth visiting

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  1. I want to say thank you to Night Gazing for using one of my sky photos as a back drop on their flickr sight. So glad you enjoyed the photos. Check it out here: