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Monday, 2 October 2017

Calas Galadhon's Dark Moon

Calas Galadhon's Dark Moon

Rated: M

Oh what a story to tell about this sim.  it began with some of my new found favorite people saying "lets go visit a Halloween Sim".  Now as some of you know, that's my favorite words to hear, especially this time of the year!

Before we arrived at the sim it was dances and giggles, so much so that by the time we finally all made it to the landing point we were feeling a little goofy and ended up breaking out into the thriller dance care of my little Zombie friend.

(There is a friend out there with Video of it, and if brave enough I will upload it as soon as possible........if i can stop laughing)

Grabbing our flash lights we headed inside the space ship to begin our adventure.........what an adventure it was.

Put your region settings on, trust me you are going to want to play this one in the dark and allow yourself to experience all the little surprises, and trust me, there is a few.

Your adventure begins with a series of long hallways and glass walls that allow you to see out into the vastness of space.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you may see out there.

We definately were NOT expecting space Spiders!!

My little Zombie friend enjoying the tour.

Space men lurking outside the space station

Kind of felt like the Scooby Gang walking around with flash lights.
Scooby dooby Doo

My thoughts exactly, yucky space Spiders

Don't know what this was, but it was pretty

Our Space spiders and plant life gave way to a sort of Alien Hell

Till Finally this woman pointed me out of the space station

When you take the Portal she leads you too you find yourself on the moon.  The view here is completely stunning, and though we could not experience the zero gravity, you really felt like you were out of this world

That's how they get ya, watch for the probe

Earth from the Moon

Grab one of these Shuttles, pick your position and click the back of the shuttle for a tour you will NOT regret.  Word to the wise, don't jump off!  It tours around the moon but will eventually take you deep inside a secret location

Our Shuttle ride

Landing in the center of the moon

We totally look like Mulder and Scully.  YOU WERE RIGHT MULDER, IT IS ALIENS!!!!!

We eventually left the sim a little frighted, completely in awe of the sheer brilliance it took to create this sim and the attention to detail that it took, and over all unchanged................or were we??

A definite recommend for Halloween if you want something that's not the typical Halloween sim.  By far the most brilliant arrangement I've seen for this Halloween season and a sim i will be certain to come back to.  Of the 6 of us that visited together, not one had anything but lavish praise for the experience.  Please do NOT forget to donate to this sim, this is a MUST to keep open.

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