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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Tavana Island

Tavana island

Tavana Island -

Rated : M

My Momma always use to say to me growing up to "keep my mouth closed" if i didn't have something nice to say about someone else.  Then again she had a wicked tongue when she was mad so that was usually followed with a "Do as I say and Not as I Do".

      Usually keeping this little rule even all these years later isn't a problem.  I tend to be one of those annoying people who is always looking towards the bright side with big eyes and a hopeful heart.  Yet, every now and then something, or someone gets on my bad nerve enough that it takes everything i have in me from snapping out something in retaliation.   You see i work hard to be seen as Kind, thoughtful, understanding, loving.  I try to see the good in everyone, and intend to believe that "bad" actions are not done intentionally.  

      Today though, before i even stepped foot on Tavana Island, someone had decided to push me to my breaking point.  I rushed off to escape confrontation, not wanting to say words i could not take back, and took the first landmark I had in a long list of places to visit.

I instantly felt some soothing as I was surrounded by the colors of fall. Rich oranges, red, and yellows kissed the ground at my feet and hung in the trees that made a foliage roof over my head.  Even such beauty though didn't completely take away that feeling to wrap my fingers around anothers neck.  Thankfully I walked further into the sim instead of teleporting back to the person.

Tavana Island is described as an Island forest garden.  You land at the gates entering into the homestead and are instantly created with a country like feel.

There is a beautifully decorated Cottage, barn, windmill, and church on the main Island portion, as well as a stunning wooded area to dance in making it an amazing spot for a little romantic getaway.

When you are done touring the main land go down to the waters edge to capture the stunning beach scenery.  Almost everything is interactive and begging for you to take pictures.

Overall it was just what i needed to take a few deep breathes and put aside my anger.  In fact, i was so taken by the peaceful beauty of the place that I stayed on the beach to write this blog for you all.  And by the time i write this i'm pleased to say, the smile was back on my face.

A definate to add to your Must visit list to take those fall pictures.  As always don't forget to donate to help keep this amazing little sim open or to share your photos with us from here at

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