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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Thanks for helping me figure it out Neive


Rating: Adult

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     You know they say day 3 in beating any addiction is the hardest.  Its the day usually that the drug as officially worked completely through your system, leaving you with none of it and your body begins to truly crave what it does not have.  It aches with it, on day 3 it is so easy to slip back into the old routine of things, to give in to the ache and give your body, your spirit your mind what it wants once more, even though you know its no good for it.

     I know you must be wondering what drug I was on, or what the hell i'm talking about, maybe your even asking yourself what the hell this had to do with a sim.  I'm on no drug per say, My addiction was a relationship that had ended 3 days ago officially, but had been in the throws of ending for months.  This has happened before, 5 times to be exact over the time we were together and always on day 3 we found ourselves unable to get over the craving to be back into the habit we formed, unable to push past the ache.  You see the bad times were bad, really bad, with words and actions that could not be taken back on both parts, but the good was such a high, almost euphoric and that always seemed to drive us back for more.

     This time was different, it has to be different.  There comes a point in any addicts mind where you settle with your decision.  you are either going to let your addiction kill you and never get clean, or you are going to fight through day 3 and form another life for yourself.  This last ending was just that, the Last, and as I showed up today, desperately searching and hurting with my day 3's, I wanted something to fit my somber mood, a place I could wallow in my sorrows or a place that was so uplifting that i could forget them all.  Neive Failed horribly in doing both of those things, and i'll tell you why that was the best thing of all. 

     Its description states that Neive is a Sim designed with photography, romance and friends in mind.  Given my mood i instantly thought of two things, one, i could take these pretty romantic settings and make them appear dark with my camera to fit my mood, and two, I could fantasize myself throwing rocks at the couples as i passed them by.  Yup, nice me sure wasn't around this morning!

    My first picture of the day, taken on a swing by the water, completely fit my mood, dark light, sober face, reflective, perhaps a little bitter, and as i got up from this pose and began to walk through the sim i was determined to keep this mood.  It was the sim its self that began to change that.

     You land in front of the water at a little cottage.  The image instantly reminded me of spring.  Flowers beginning to take bloom all over the place, butterfly's and birds playing around the trees, the windows of the cottage open and instantly making you fantasize about how the warm spring air felt as you breathed in.  It begged to have photos taken of it

     Now i have met alot of people in second life, done alot of things in Second Life, but nothing seems to lift my mood quicker then a camera in my hand and a beautiful sim, and the deeper i walked into this sim, the more at ease i began to feel.

     Almost every inch of the sim has something interactive and is so stunningly decorated that you won't be able to help but take pictures.  You'll see paths laid out before you, telling you what direction to take to explore the sim and to find all their little hidden places as well.

     Now here is something i really love.  You visit enough photographic sims, you begin to see the same buildings over and over again.  I understand the reasoning for this, they are good builds and high quality, but it tends to get a bit boring and unimaginative when you've seen in on your 30th sim.  The creator of Neive used the same buildings, but provided her/his own touch by decorating them COMPLETELY differently which instantly makes you eager to take more pictures.

     The sim offers a wide arrangement of styles, from Old garages, beautiful fields of flowers, to old country farm land, and seems to do this with a seamless process of going from Spring into Summer, and Summer into Fall.

      It was funny, I followed this process, clicking pictures, and though it wasn't what the sim was designed or created for, began to see my own progression in it.  

      The sim ended in its fall like theme, kind of like me, a little wilted, ready for the upcoming storm of winter, yet if you continued to follow the path it will give way to spring again.  There will be light, flowers, beauty and romance once more, and only then will you be able to look back and realize that there was beauty too in the Fall.

   Side note to the creator:  Whats with all the freaking Cats????  I actually began a game of counting them through the sim and was kind of paranoid it was a sign i was destined to be a crazy cat lady!! LOL, add a dog, chasing a cat!!!!




  2. I love this blog post Isabella! Thank you so much for it and for visitng Neive. And you're right, i am cat addicted haha ♥