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Friday, 27 October 2017



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So this landmark came to me through a friend with a "you must visit" attached.  Always opened to suggestions i had a morning free and decided to visit what another called a "wonderful photographic sim"

When you first arrive on the sim you are instantly drawn into the magic of it.  A rich arrangement of colors surround you with pathways begging to be walked leading off in all directions, and beautiful seating areas decorated to perfection surrounding you.  It all begs to take a picture.

Setting myself to work i picked a path and allowed it to lead me onto my adventure.  Keep your eyes open, this amazing place is so decorated with such detail that it seems every where you turn there is something to catch the eye.  The sim offers varies houses  and other structures to take your pictures with, as well as a visually stunning landscape.  It also offers many interactive objects, so bring your own poses or leave them at home, either way you will be able to capture a delightful picture.

The whole sim is decorated for autumn but every now and then you will stumble upon an artistic scene arranged.  Click the poster to get the poem to go with it.  I'd be lying if I said my inner artist didn't rejoice in this.  A lover of poetry and the arts, i was instantly drawn to every word and emotion written and it was only made even more intense by the visual to go with it.  Now i will say to the average photographer looking for a place to take pictures of the family, these artistic displays are going to seem strangely out of place.  To others it will see its the placement of such raw emotion in the average that makes it perfect and its emotion stand out even more.

The poetry is written by Trip (TrippingDaisy) and i can only assume the art is completed by him as well.  

Every time
It hurt me.
It started as a pebble
On top of that snowy
Each time the pebble
Gained momentum
In that downward spiral
Collecting mass;
Enlarging pulse.
They do not
Make band aids
For the insides.

You are a mass
Of bile
And hate
That I cannot swallow.
But, maybe 
I should thank you.
Now the souls
Line up
To taste the poison 
You left inside 
Of me.
And they
Are dropping

Like flies.
                                                   Trip (trippingdaisy)

Over all, I suggest this sim to any lover of the arts as a place to explore a very talented poet and artist, and to any photographer looking for the perfect place to point and click, i hope you have as much fun loosing yourself in the sim and the poetry as I.

As always, don't forget to donate.  This sim has been added to my favorites and is definitely a place we need to keep open.

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